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Alexandra Daddario on “New Girl” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Alexandra Daddario on New Girl

(9:00 PM EST, FOX)

Summertime can be very special for your See Her Tonight column when we get around to certain reruns–and that includes a second look at Alexandra Daddario with tonight’s episode of New Girl. There’s a chance that this might have once just been a humble guest role, too. Alexandra Daddario’s turn as a hot new neighbor on New Girl was probably taped before True Detective debuted on HBO. And that series, of course, quickly made Alexandra Daddario a big star after guys checked out her big talents in a nude scene.

Well, we’re seeing some of those big talents tonight, too–and Alexandra has a roommate with her. The plot has the New Girl guys going goofy over the two babes moving into their apartment, and we can’t blame them. Alexandra’s pair is paired with a hot blonde named Stevie Nelson, and this is what they look like…

So that’s a very believable plot. Of course, we were big fans of Alexandra back when she was the lead gal in the surprisingly good Texas Chainsaw 3D, and you can bet our eyeballs were hoppin’ and poppin’ over her tank top. True Detective has really upped her star power, though. We’ll be checking her out with The Rock (and Ran Wei) in the upcoming disaster movie San Andreas, but you’ll want to check out more of Alexandra right now…

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