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Watch the First Teaser for AMC’s “Better Call Saul” [VIDEO]


better call saul

If you’ve been dying to know more about the new Breaking Bad spinoff that’s coming to a TV near you–well, there’s a tiny taste of what’s in store with a new teaser trailer.

Better Call Saul stars Bob Odenkirk as the shifty lawyer who helped Walter White and Jesse Pinkman subvert the law at almost every turn with their meth-making business. In case you haven’t heard, Saul is getting his own spinoff series with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan at the helm. The show will be a prequel to explain how Saul “broke bad” himself with his law career. So it should follow the same linear story of a good man turning bad but with the added bonus of a hilarious character and comedic actor in the starring role.

AMC finally aired a very short clip of the new spinoff over the weekend, and an eagle eyed viewer recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube for the rest of us who don’t watch our TVs like owls scanning a darkened cornfield for potential prey. The short clip features Odenkirk as a sincere, earnest lawyer talking to a prospective client and he sounds so honest and heartfelt that it’s almost creepy. Check it out for yourself in the embedded video…

The most noticeable trait is how they got Odenkirk to look so young again. Seriously, he’s lost weight and he’s even got his hairline back. Of course, his character would have to do that since it’s a sequel but what kind of magic do they have that can help them do such things and how do we get our hands on some?

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