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Sexiest Scenes From SuperGirl Pro Surfing Contest 2014 [PICS + VIDEO]


It was a great weekend for surfer Sage Erickson, as the daring blonde walked away as a winner at the Supergirl Pro Surf Contest–followed by Tatiana Weston-Webb in second place, and Silvana Lima in third. There were also lots of lucky guys who had a great weekend watching the ladies of surfing competing out in Oceanside, California.

Of course, we support all kinds of fine surfing ladies like Alana BlanchardStephanie GilmoreAnastasia Ashely and Erica Hosseini. That’s because we love the sport of surfing. But we’re thinking that there might be another reason that this year’s Supergirl Pro Surf Contest set a record for attendance–possibly because femme surfers look like this when they’re stretching before hitting the waves…

That’s worth a trip out to Oceanside. Sage Erickson would certainly agree. She had to beat out 103 other top surfers for the honor of wearing a pink Supergirl cape. The $8,000 top prize wasn’t so bad, either. And let’s not forget that the Supergirl Pro Surf Contest is a big draw for aspiring girl surfers who get to see their heroes on the beach.

It’s a really inspiring competition–although these pics might find you inspired in a different way. You’re about to enjoy a mix of competitors, onlookers, and models working the crowd. Take a look and see why you’ll want to be surfing out to Oceanside next August…

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