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Jessica Simpson Is Just Showing Off Now [PIC + GIFS]


It wasn’t that long ago that we celebrated Jessica Simpson as a Woman Who Won The Week–after celebrating her recent wedding with the announcement that the Victoria’s Secret #WhatIsSexy campaign had named her as the year’s Sexiest Mom. We don’t usually get excited over married MILFs, of course, but that was worth an exception.

Especially since it seems Jessica Simpson is going to keep flaunting her hot bod. Remember last year when people were making fun of Jessica, and saying that the only reason she even got pregnant was because she had to get out of her Weight Watchers deal?

We’re sure glad that we didn’t indulge in that vicious gossip. At least not ┬áin print–because Jessica sure deserved that Sexiest Mom title, and now she’s showing off in swimwear via her Instagram account. The above pic is from a party for sister Ashlee Simpson’s upcoming wedding to Evan Ross, and Jessica sure looks great. (You might also want to check out the Instagram account of Jessica’s workout partner.)

Evan Ross is Diana Ross’ son, so we guess that Ashlee is kind of set for life, and Jessica looks ready to keep working as Weight Watcher’s best spokeswoman ever. She’s back to fighting weight–and, just as a reminder, here are some GIFs to let you know that Jessica’s fighting weight fills out a fine form…

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