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Eli and Peyton Manning Do a Rap Video for DirecTV, Finally [VIDEO]


peyton and eli manning

DirecTV tapped Eli and Peyton Manning to do a commercial for their new Fantasy Zone fantasy football channel but rather than just have them talk to the camera, they wrote and arranged a rap song and it’s f#*$ing epic.

The video opens with Peyton and Eli plopping down on the couch to check out DirecTV’s new channel presumably to see whose draft points are higher because sibling rivalry doesn’t stop when you both grow up and go to the pros. Then it launches into a bizarre, hilarious rap ballad featuring both brothers throwing down some mad lyrics about everyone’s Fantasy Football Fantasy along with the usual rap video staples like unexplained smoke, massive houses and cars and scads of hot backup dancers. They even throw in some auto-tune although they clearly don’t need it and a couple of cameos from the New York Jets’ Chris Johnson and “Broadway Joe” Namath who steals the show by trying to get it on with some poor dude’s mom (no, seriously).

If this wasn’t a commercial, then we’d have another Super Bowl Shuffle on our hands for sure. Check out the Manning Brothers throw down below in the embedded video…

It would be even better if it wasn’t a commercial because it would mean that the age of the rapping celebrity athletes would be making a comeback. Still, it’s fun to watch and it makes you feel like you’ve been doing drugs because it’s so surreal that it feels like some kind of hallucinogenic drug trip that you’d have if you left the NFL Network on in the background while you went trippin’.

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