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Lacey Wildd on Botched

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To be honest, the term “botched” isn’t what comes to mind when your humble See Her Tonight column checks out wild Lacey Wildd–who’s also known as Paula Thebert, and is also known as a built model who’s a real favorite at horror conventions. Lacey, however, says that “plastic makes perfect.” She also has a few things to tell us about her appearance on E!’s Botched, as she goes under the knife to have her breasts enlarged.  [photo via Lacey Wildd]

“I had so much fun shooting Botched,” Lacey tells us. “Dr Nassif and Dr du brow were such a blast to shoot with. They had more fun with my beasts during the exam than you know, like two boys in a candy store. Fun but professional at all times. And since the show taped, I had four new surgeries. My eyes made bigger, nose smaller, a lip lift, and my burt bigger with a fat transfer in Florida by Dr Salzhaur.”

So, frankly, there’s no telling what Lacey Wildd (or even Paula Thebert) looks like now. We can tell you, however, that Lacey has a big following in fandom. She’s done it without ever getting into the adult biz, either. (” I think it’s a lot more fun to leave something to the imagination.”) Also, we’d like to remind people that Lacey is single. “I would like the be the next girl on The Bachelorette,” she suggests. “It can be a lonely life as a sex symbol. I love being extreme. I’m a very sexual creature, but ready to settle down. And I do have more surgeries planned.  I’m a work in progress.”

And speaking of works in progress–Lacey’s fans can catch her in the lead of the new The Blonde Squad, which is a fun movie that’ll also keep us happy until Sylvester Stallone gets around to making The Expendabelles. Let’s hope that he’s watching Botched tonight, and seeing that Lacey is pretty much perfect at that kind of role. Now check out Lacey in lots of hot pics, and ponder how she plans to improve on this…

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