Get Primed For Shark Week With These Amazing Shark Videos


Shark Week

Next year will mark 40 years of people being afraid to go in the water thanks to Steven Spielberg’s classic film Jaws. It’s the film that kicked off the blockbuster craze that really exploded two years later with the release of Star Wars, and while that film’s fans are legion, Jaws scared generations away from the water. Shark enthusiasts the world over look forward to the Discovery Channel’s annual weeklong celebration of the largest predator in the sea, and their seven days of ecstasy officially begin today.

This year, Discovery has landed potentially its biggest star yet to host the festivities in Rob Lowe. We’re not sure exactly what Lowe’s connection is to the world of sharks, but everyone seems to love him, so it’s a great way to give this fantastic event more exposure. It’s also fitting that the first official host of Shark Week was the man who instilled the fear of sharks into us all, Jaws author Peter Benchley.

Sharks are hugely en vogue right now, what with SyFy’s seemingly never-ending variations on killer shark film which culminated in last week’s premiere of Sharknado 2. Get yourself in the proper mood for tonight’s kickoff with these amazing videos from Shark Weeks past.

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