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Kristen Stewart Looks Different In The “Camp X-Ray” Trailer [VIDEO]



Kristen Stewart may be best known for playing perpetually brooding teenage girls, but she’s tackling a new kind of role in the new IFC movie Camp X-Ray–the trailer for which just hit the web.

It stars Stewart as an Army guard assigned to the infamous Guantanamo Bay detainee camp, also known as “Camp X-Ray,” in Cuba where prisoners have been held since 2002 without formal charges or a military tribunal. She looks like the typical army soldier who enjoys her job and partying hard when the working day is done but she’s also in one of the most controversial military bases in the world. She’s instructed not to open up to the detainees (“not prisoners”) but she can’t help but befriend one who she believes is innocent.

So she breaks the rules and strikes up a friendship with the man. Then she starts looking in his case file and discovers that he may truly be innocent after all. Right now, all we have is a trailer of what’s sure to be a (politically predictable) Oscar contender next year, but it’s an interesting one and it’s worth watching…

It’s really a surprising role for the likes of Stewart. Not that she’s a bad actress but Twilight really pigeon holed her into playing these sullen, sunken eyed characters who just look like all they want to do is let life pass them by. Here, she’s a tough woman doing a tough job in one of the toughest places in the world, and yet she still manages to find some heart and soul in her role. It’s almost weird seeing her play a role like this. It’s also almost weird to still think that she’s strangely sexy, but these pics will make you feel better about that…

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