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Lydia Hearst on “Fashion Police” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Lydia Hearst on Fashion Police

(9:00 PM EST, E!)

We can’t pretend to be really fashion-conscious here at See Her Tonight–outside of what exciting Fall fashions are providing plenty of celebrity sideboob. That’s actually the kind of topic that occasionally gets discussed on the E! network’s Fashion Police, too. It just usually isn’t discussed by guest panelists as sexy as Lydia Hearst. [photo via…]

Lydia knows a lot about fashion, too. She’s been a major runway and photo model for a long time. Also, she’s filthy rich as an heiress to the Hearst fortune. That doesn’t just mean that she can keep a COED staffer living in the manner to which we’re accustomed. It also means that Lydia’s mother is former terrorist chic ’70s star Patricia Hearst, who went from being a brainwashed kidnapped revolutionary to appearing in some John Waters films.

That’s pretty much a dream gal who comes with a dream mother-in-law. But we can also love Lydia for her personality. Take a look at her wide range of poses, and you’ll see why Lydia is a really good bet to break big while pursuing an acting career. We enjoyed her this past weekend on the big screen with Jillian Murray in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, and can’t wait to see her pair paired with Dylan Penn in the upcoming horror movie Condemned.

It looks like Lydia will be playing a squatter in that movie. We don’t see many squatters in New York that look like Lydia, so there’s an acting challenge. We think she’s up to it, though–but first, let’s get up to enjoying Lydia as herself, both in our living rooms and in these hot modeling pics right here…

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