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Check Out The Lifetime Network’s Fake “Saved By The Bell” Cast [VIDEO]


Saved By The Bell Movie FIrst Video

So here’s your first look at the fake cast of Saved By The Bell in action for the Lifetime network’s Saved by the Bell: The Unauthorized Story. We’re mainly feeling sorry for the poor guy who got cast to play Dustin Diamond playing Screech. On the other hand, the real Dustin Diamond is about to come here in New York paying his rent for the summer by appearing in the (very) off-Broadway “Bayside! The Musical.”

See, that’s like a Saved By the Bell stage parody, and Dustin will have to hang around and sign autographs after each performance. At least the guy who got cast as Dustin Diamond for Saved by the Bell: The Unauthorized Story can still say that his career is on the rise. Alyssa Lynch also has some bragging rights, since she’s making her acting debut as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

Anyway, check out the fake Mario Lopez and the fake Mark-Paul Gosselaar  and the fake Elizabeth Berkley, too, and decide how you feel about Lifetime getting down and dirty with gossip about everybody’s former favorite high-school kids. Also, check out how Dustin Diamond and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are having a real-life feud right now. This could keep getting good…



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