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NFL Launches NFL Now Video Site—And It’s Free


nfl now

The NFL has launched their new online video streaming site called NFL Now–and it’s totally free, which is a real rarity from the NFL.

The online network offers a free hub where fans can get caught on the latest highlights of their favorite time by personalizing their account. When you sign up for an account, you pick your favorite team and every time you access the site, it will instantly give you the main highlight of the day. The web portal also offers daily shows that recap the big sports stories of the day such as a rapid fire news update called Most Popular, a fantasy football roundtable for all the fantasy players and a training camp recap for all of the NFL teams as we head into another season of bone crunching football.

You’ll also be able to see game day highlights once the new season starts and live streaming interviews and events through the online portal. NFL Now also offers an expanded version of the site for a $1.99 monthly subscription fee with access to Super Bowl highlights, the NFL Films archives and additional documentary series. You can access the NFL’s new online portal on your computer or through your tablet, smartphone or Xbox One through a special app that you download to your device.

This is a big deal. No, this is a huge deal. No, even better. This is a super awesome, mega, colossal, once in a lifetime kind of deal. The NFL is giving away something for free. Try and think of the last time that happened in your lifetime.

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