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Megan Gale: 40 Fave Photos For The Aussie Model’s 39th Birthday [PICS]


There are a lot of hot babes in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road–including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Charlize Theron, but certain action fans got a special bonus thrill when Megan Gale showed up in the first footage unleashed on the masses. Actually, Megan Gale got a thrill, too. She posted on her Instagram account that it was a big surprise to see herself in the footage–although her fans know that Megan is overdue to be more of a big deal on the big screen.

In fact, Megan Gale was one of the names that usually came up when it came time to casting Wonder Woman. The built brunette stands 5’11”, so she sure has an Amazonian presence that might not get matched by (the admittedly sexy) Gal Gadot. We’ll also note that Megan is showing up in Mad Max as a tough survivor of the wasteland, and she sure doesn’t look like she should be out on the runway.

It might be that Hollywood thought Megan was too old to be an action heroine, since she’s turning 39 years old today. Megan, however, is out to prove that she’s not too old to be a bikini model. She’s started her own line of swimwear, and Megan has also done a fine job modeling her work.

We’re a little distressed that she’s just become a MILF, but Megan doesn’t look to let that slow her down. You’ll find a recent pic where she shows off her new bod among the sexy shots below. Which reminds us that Megan’s Mad Max costar Charlize Theron is also turning 39 today–and while Charlize recently showed off her bod for Vogue, guys might be missing out on Megan. Let’s fix that right now with our own birthday celebration…

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