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Looks Like Alexa Vega Is In “SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR” [36 PICS]


Well, here’s a pleasant surprise. Alexa Vega (now known by her married name of Alexa PenaVega) is in the cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. A lot of people didn’t know that. At least we didn’t, and nobody’s listed her as part of the cast over at the film’s page on iMDB. There’s no mention of a character named “Gilda,” either–but this poster says that Alexa PenaVega is Gilda, and we just can’t believe that a movie poster would lie to us.

Too bad that we don’t have our Sin City graphic novels here. We can’t remember a character named Gilda, but we bet she looks good in the comics. Of course, we know that “Gilda” is a name with some serious cinematic history. We also know that former Spy Kid Alexa looks hot. Sin City director Robert Rodriguez has already let Alexa get all grownup in Machete Kills.

Now we have another reason to see Sin City–besides Eva Green and Jessica Alba¬†and Rosario Dawson and a lot of other ladies. Also, we hear that gunplay might be involved. Anyway, here are some pics of Alexandra, back before she was married and being one of the most free-spirited femmes on Instagram. We wish somebody would surprise us with some film footage from those days…

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