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Here’s The Oklahoma School Teacher Who Got Drunk and Naked (Sorry)


Teacher Arrested Pantsless Drunk in Class

Lorie Ann Hill was arrested in Wagoner, Oklahoma for showing up for her first day of work at a school teacher. Well, the real problem was that she showed up for work and was later found in a classroom while drunk. Also, she had lost her pants. Allegedly. It’s a cold hard fact, however, that we were sure scrambling to get a look at Lorie Ann Hill. We’ve had a few fantasies about school teachers losing their pants in the classroom,  you know.

Anyway, this is Lorie Ann Hill. She is 49 years old. She is not the schoolteacher of our dreams. So we’re going to back to looking at sexy schoolteachers Kaitlin Pearson and Victoria Valentine James, and try to put this whole Oklahoma thing behind us. Yeah. We suggest you do the same.

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