Esquire Loves Chrissy Teigen With Some Damn Lovely Pics [PHOTOS]

Esquire magazine has once again chosen a pretty exceptional Woman to Love as part of their “Women We Love” series–and we’re pretty sure that the magazine doesn’t just love Chrissy Teigen for her mind. In fact, the fascinating interview starts off by noting that Chrissy is a fierce femme with a really caustic Twitter account. We like that kind of thing in a girl, too.

We also like Esquire‘s interview with Chrissy, as the model and television personality shows off her…um, personality. We also like how the magazine celebrates Chrissy as a curvy dame, which is how she looks like this for the magazine…

There are also some inspiring pics of Chrissy mowing the lawn in heels. We know that she doesn’t do that in real life for hubby John Legend, but it’s a nice thought. We’ll also note that Esquire has some fun by getting pics of Chrissy by using a camera drone. That’s neat, but you’d probably get in trouble if you tried that without permission.

We’re pretty sure that the hottest quote of this Esquire piece will beĀ about Chrissy’s love for John Goodman. “”I feel like part of me will die when John Goodman dies,” she tells the mag, and that’s pretty inspiring to guys. A lot of us can get into shape like John Goodman. It’s the other big stars that give us problems.

Anyway, read the whole thing–and enjoy all the pics–and then maybe enjoy even more of Chrissy below. We’d say that we loved Chrissy first, but that’s kind of hard to prove in a court of law…

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