Stephen Hawking Biopic "Theory Of Everything" Has A Trailer [VIDEO]

The story of Stephen Hawking’s remarkable life is finally being made into a movie and the first trailer for The Theory of Everything hit the web earlier today.
The Theory of Everything stars British actor Eddie Redmayne as the theoretical physicist during his days as a young lad working on his Ph.D at Oxford University where he met a young arts student named Jane Wilde, played by Felicity Jones. You might think that the bulk of the story will focus on Hawking’s groundbreaking theory that led to the discovery of the Big Bang aka the thing that explains why you’re sitting here reading this very post, possibly without pants.
However, the movie is actually based on a memoir written by Wilde about her life with Hawking. The movie is more of a romantic film. It explores the relationship between Hawking and Wilde during one of the most formative times in Hawking’s life that may have given him the drive he needed to make his groundbreaking discoveries and write his most memorable works including his famous book A Brief History of Time. 
We know this movie is probably about a touching romance within an inspiring tale instead of a story about Hawking hitting the strip joints–but the good Dr. is still an internet darling, so it’s sure worth seeing what the biopic looks like…
Most importantly, we finally have a movie about Stephen Hawking, one of the most celebrating scientific minds of our time. Now all we need is some kind of epic space adventure starring Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy and we’ll have paid the full amount of homage to the greatest minds of the scientific community.

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