Danyella Angel on "Rush" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Danyella Angel on Rush

(9:00 PM EST, USA)

We’re pretty happy here with Rush over at See Her Tonight , even if the USA network seems to have once again made the call for another show about a medical doctor with personal problems and a nicely acerbic manner that makes for reliable cable fodder. At least it doesn’t feel like a glorified soap opera–and the flashy setting of a corrupt doctor for rich folks also brings in lots of hot babes. Consider the case of Danyella Angel. This exotic gal should be playing a socialite on the dance floor, but will probably still look great in a nurse’s uniform tonight. [photo via…]
Danyella should feel kind of at home, too. The brainy beauty gave some serious thought to a medical career while attending the University of British Columbia. Thankfully, she kept getting distracted by acting and modeling. We don’t know how she hasn’t joined the Great White Northern gals of Supernatural yet–like Ali Liebert, Alaina HuffmanKacey Rohl, Rebecca MarshallFarrah Aviva, and Amanda Tapping–but Danyella is doing pretty well for herself.
In fact, we’ll even get to be watching her on the big screen in the upcoming Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy The Interview. Now we’re wishing that one was in 3D, but we’re still happy just to have Danyella in our living room tonight. Here’s why…

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