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Two New #Boobcam Photos Give Another Peek At SI Swimsuit 2015



Update: We’re 99% sure this is Alyssa Miller. Check the birthmark, yo. Plus those boobs could totally be Alyssa’s.

Update #2: OK, we’re back down to like 30%. This sh*t is hard man.

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Editor-in-Chief MJ Day restarted a tradition unlike any other: the “boobcam.” It’s essentially a sneak peek of who’s going to be appearing in the upcoming SI Swimsuit isse, but the catch is that you never see the models’ faces–just the other body parts.

While we’re still unsure of whose boobs we were looking at on Monday (it’s not Nina Agdal, though), MJ has moved onto another subject. See for yourself:



We know that it’s not very much to go by, but it’s still getting us very excited for the release of the next year’s issue.

MJ’s getting smarter about hiding/masking identifying marks, so it’s up to us to evolve as well. For now, here’s a gallery of the best boobcams of years’ past.

All photos via @MJ_Day

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