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Rachel McAdams on “Who Do You Think You Are?” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Rachel McAdams on Who Do You Think You Are?

(9:00 PM EST, TLC)

Your humble See Her Tonight column usually can’t get too excited about reality television–and especially when it’s one of those shows where some celebrity is discovering their ancestral heritage. We don’t even want to hear about the ancestral heritage of our relatives. But we’re making an exception for tonight’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? because it gives us a chance to cover the exceptional Rachel McAdams. [photo via…]

And it also gives us a chance to put together a gallery of some of Rachel McAdams’ sexiest pics, plus some hot stills from some of her films. So take a look at the bod of the most respected actress to ever break out big in a Rob Schnieder film. Which was 2002’s The Hot Chick, and that was actually a pretty good one. It still took two years before Rachel managed to really break through with the double impact of Mean Girls (where she paraded in a Playboy Bunny outfit) and The Notebook (where she showed off some serious dramatic skills.)

Then she landed in 2005’s The Wedding Crashers, and Rachel McAdams has been a major starlet ever since. Not even some lesbianism could’ve made Brian De Palma’s Passion a hit back in 2012, but Rachel’s been managing a careful comeback with some classy indie films–including A Most Wanted Man in theaters now. We’re a little baffled to see her on TLC tonight, but these pics will show you why Rachel’s always welcome in our living rooms …

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