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Adrianne Curry Turns 32 With A Hot Year in Twitpics [50 PHOTOS]


Adrianne Curry is one of the biggest (and tallest) models to ever emerge from reality television, and she’s turning 32 years old today with a life that’s carefully chronicled on social media. That’s great news for guys. You don’t have to be into reality television to get into Adrianne Curry, who really does pack in enough personality to make for great television.

She first launched into fame as the first winner of America’s Next Top Model back in 2003, but didn’t let her big move to the catwalks keep her out of our living rooms. Adrianne kind of made a big gamble when she showed up on VH1 with a lot of faded celebrities for 2005’s My Surreal Life, but then went on to My Fair Brady after falling in love with Christopher Knight–who was on My Surreal Life as a former original cast member of The Brady Bunch.

That eventual marriage didn’t work out. Adrianne, however, has been very busy. She’s also become a real Geek Goddess via her love for cosplay and video games–much like yesterday’s birthday girl Jessica Nigri, so those two should really have a joint birthday party some day. Adrianne recently made news at the recent San Diego Comic Con, too, after joining some of the other hot babes of cosplay in shutting down a male miscreant who groped one of the costumed cuties there.

So let’s celebrate Adrianne’s very public life by looking back at her very busy 2014. Her fans already know that Adrianne shares an awful lot of her most intimate moments via her Twitter account, and that provides plenty of sexy Twitpics from what’s been a stellar year for this beauty with a bright future. We’re thinking that she’s going to look great heading into 33, too–and, in case you missed it, you might want to check out how hot she looked in Las Vegas heading into another birthday…

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