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Woman Produced Nearly A Box Of Franzia Worth Of Breast Milk Every Day



A woman in North Texas has one tired pair of ta-tas after shattering the Guinness World Record for producing the most breast milk.

Alyse Ogletree of Denton, Texas produced and donated more than 53,000 ounces of the stuff last March to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, a non-profit that provides breast milk to critically ill and premature infants. Guinness World Records confirmed her record setting achievement on their website and announced she will be included in the newest edition of their book assuming, of course, that no one else breaks the record. Her new record is three times higher than the previous record holder Amelia Boomker of The Bolingbrook, Illinois who pumped out 16,000 fluid ounces to make it into the record books.

Ogleetree had to do quite a bit of work to reach that record. If you do the math, she had to average 130 ounces a day to reach her record breaking mark. That’s roughly the volume of a single box of Franzia wine every single day and we’re sure it tastes a hell of a lot better too.

Still not impressed? Well, the average volume of blood in a human being is approximately 5.5 liters or 185 quarters. So she almost had to produce roughly the equivalent of an entire human bloodstream’s contents per day to set the record. By the way, we hope you weren’t eating while reading this. We probably should have warned you. Damn, that bacon looked tasty.

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