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Peter Dinklage Rocks the Mullet in His “Pixels” Set Shot [VIDEO]


peter dinklage

A funny photo from the set of the upcoming Adam Sandler movie Pixels made its way to the web. It features co-star Peter Dinklage rocking a full mullet.

The set image features the Game of Thrones star in full costume with his totally awesome haircut while he’s toting what appears to be some kind of massive chain gun. Dinklage plays an old school video game expert along with Josh Gad who are brought in to deal with the pixelated menace that are bent on destroying the world. So an 80’s style mullet seems like a natural fit for the character. Hell, the only way it would be a step up at this point is if they gave Gad a curled-up Flock of Seagals hairdo to go with Dinklage’s “business up front, party in the rear.”

However, wardrobe took it a step by completing the 80’s look with a neckerchief bandana, a nylon vest and two arms full of unnecessary tattoos. Just imagine him shooting up a sky full of Space Invaders to an all-Rush soundtrack. It’s gonna be epic…

Peter Dinklage Pixels

This isn’t the first time that Dinklage has appeared in public in his character’s, um, unique style. He shot a promo video for the San Diego Comic-Con for a special Pixels contest…

It gets even better. A mullet isn’t that big of a stretch for Dinklage. One of his high school yearbook photos also found its way to the web and it features “Tyrion Lannister” sporting a super mullet in his senior class photo. Is Dinklage trying to bring the mullet back into style? If so, we’re not sure how we feel about that.

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