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Is Your College Getting Its Money’s Worth From Its Football Coach?


brian kelly

Football coaches are among the highest paid staff members on campus but just because they win a championship or two doesn’t mean that they are earning their paycheck. Someone looked at the numbers and determined the colleges that are getting the most bang for their buck from their football coach contracts.

Forbes ranked the best buys when it comes to the current roster of college football coaches. Of course, such a goal can be purely subjective so the money magazine tried to be as scientific as possible. First, they came up with a win percentage for each team called the “Sagarian Win Percentage” using the record for the 2012-13 season. They also factored the expenses that came out of each coach’s salary to determine the accurate amount of money each school spent on its coaches. Really though, you don’t care about the math or algebraic formulas they made up to create the list. If you did, you would have done it yourself.

Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly topped the list with an impressive 88.4 percent win percentage and a salary that just over $1 million before his team’s expenses are paid, one of the lowest paid on the list and the fifth lowest salary in the top 20. He was followed by Florida State University’s Jimbo Fisher, University of Alabama‘s Nick Saban, Michigan State University’s Mark Dantonio and University of South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier.

Of course, we always knew that high salaries don’t necessarily make for a better coach and frankly, we’d much rather be discussing the¬†players who are getting paid for what they are worth. The NCAA’s stubbornness, however, is ensuring that we may never have that debate anytime soon.

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