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SI Swimsuit’s BoobCam is Back With The Elusive OAR Boobs [100 PICS]


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2014

We know these breasts are very important, because they’re a tease from the amazing Instagram account of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue editor M.J. Day. That means that these breasts are a sign of hot photo shoots to come for the 2015 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We’re in the last month of summer, too, so that means the wait isn’t too insane. We only have to wait until…um, February.

Anyway, we’re happy to spend a few months staring at these breasts and trying to figure out the supermodel behind the shape. We know there’s a strong case to be made for the sultry Irina Shayk here, and we won’t argue too much with anyone betting money on her. Still, we’re thinking that maybe it’s Nina Agdal. That hairstyle looks a little short, but those bountiful boobies sure look familiar.

Yeah, we’re thinking Nina–and you can think of Nina, too, and that’s even if we’re wrong, because we have over 100 pics here to provide some research. There are plenty of bikini pics, too. We don’t have any of Nina Agdal covering her breasts with oars, though. We don’t have pictures like that of any models. That pic above is pretty unique in that regard.

Oh, well. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue doesn’t make things easy. Check out these pics, and you’ll agree that they make things–well, the opposite of easy…

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