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Scenes From “Project P”–AKA The Most Turn’t Rave In The History of Western Michigan [PHOTO + VIDEO]


Project P (4)

Believe it or not, the most crazy party in the United States was not at Lollapalooza but at a remote farm in Western Michigan where over 2,000+ kids showed up for an absolutely epic party. Dubbed “Project P,” what was originally supposed to be just a “birthday party” quickly went viral after invites started trending on Twitter. As far as Twitter trending hashtags, it was #22 in the world and #16 in the USA. Not too bad.

Now there are rumors that even Chief Keef was at the party… But he wasn’t.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.57.30 AM

For a quick primer on what exactly Project P is all about, we first suggest watching this interview of James Taylor aka the host of Project P. This man is a legend and may have just upstaged “Famous Glasses” Corey Delaney as the best party host ever.

For the record, the news crew came by at 6:30 PM the day after. That guy was passed out on the ground at 6:30 PM. That’s how crazy the party was.

This was the second rendition of “Project P,” and already the bros have started planning for next year.

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