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Olivia Jordan on “Murder In The First” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Olivia Jordan on Murder In The First

(10:00 PM EST, TNT)

Murder in the First has kept your See Her Tonight column busy with guest stars like Tina Casciani and Ran Wei–but now we’re thinking that we have a regular thing going with Oliva Jordan as the show wraps up one murder case and heads into another. At least, we think that’s what happening. The crime drama has a pretty unique setup, and we’re not sure if these two cases will end up related. [photo via…]

Anyway, those are fictional murders, and the important thing is the very real beauty of Olivia Jordan–who would already be outstanding for just being a 5’11” former Miss World. Olivia has also shown off that she’s a lot more than just another blonde who left the heartland to become a California beauty. We first noticed her in the last year’s Steve Jobs biopic Jobs, but mostly because she’s a 5’11” former Miss World. We’ll also get a chance to see her on the big screen again in the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

It looks like Murder in the First will still be Olivia’s first real showcase as an actress, though. We’re expecting some great things, too, since Olivia has shown some real versatility as a model. You’ll see a lot of hot bikini and lingerie pics here, but also some other hot shots that demonstrate Olivia has a lot to offer on the acting end. Check out these pics and see why you’ll want to be ogling Olivia in your living room tonight…

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