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Irina Shayk Goes Native American for VOGUE Brazil [PICS]


We’re not sure if there’s going to be any scandal over Irina Shayk wearing Indian garb for the Brazilian edition of Vogue–but we’re feeling pretty inspired to defend the hot model to the death. It didn’t matter as much to us when Pharrell Williams got in trouble for doing the same for the UK edition of Elle. That’s because Pharrell Williams looks like Pharrell Williams, and Irina Shayk looks like Irina Shayk. Also, “Happy.”

Anyway, we’ve already goofed on the history of celebrities sporting Indian drag. We’re more interested in Vogue Brazil’s proud tradition of getting incredibly sexy shots of ladies like Candice Swanepoel and Rihanna. It’s no surprise that Irina Shayk is shaking us up for the mag. Irina’s already looked great just swimming with pigs or hanging out with Russians. She sure got our attention with a sexy turn in this summer’s big-screen Hercules, too.

Yeah, we get pretty nonjudgmental when it comes to Irina–but you’ll want to check out these pics, which you’ll probably judge to be really hot by any fashionable standards…

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