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Champagne Day Brings The Sexiest Champagne Facials of Summer ’14 [PICS]


August 3rd is celebrated as Champagne Day, since it’s the anniversary of when the legendary Dom Pérignon invented the bubbly drink in 1693–but the monk would’ve done it sooner if he’d known that the legendary photographer Kirill would later invent the Champagne Facial. In fact, we’re thinking that Kirill–of the legendary (and NSFW)–deserves his own Champagne Day. It’s just not very likely that anyone can remember the night when Kirill invented the Champagne Facial.

At least we know that someone took pictures. Kirill is one of the world’s leading party photographers, and we’re always amazed at how he’s able to document crazy parties that would get us losing a camera after the first hour. Kirill is used to that kind of thing, though. We’ve seen him enter a nightclub and instantly up the craziness in all kinds of locales.

He’s had a busy past few months, too, and we’re celebrating Champagne Day with some of Kirill’s craziest Champagne Facials of the summer. We know that Kirill can cram in a lot more action into an August, of course, but here’s what’s happening so far. Yeah, it’s a typical summer of sensational shots–and shots of champagne…

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