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100 Hottest Ladies of Lollapalooza 2014 [PHOTOS]



Lollapalooza marked ten years of being an annual summer music festival in Chicago over this past weekend–which also meant that Lollapalooza marked 23 years of being a gathering place for hot babes to gather in the name of alternative music. Well, it used to be officially alternative music. Today, the Lollapalooza Fest is more of a mix of all kinds of musical acts. Times change.

In fact, times change to the post that a lot of the hot Lollapalooza gals might be the kids of ’90s hipsters who once attended Lollapalooza as a touring festival. There were plenty of hot babes around back then. In fact, we’ve studied these 100 hottest gals of the 2014 Lollapalooza Festival very carefully, and we’re thinking that there are some very distinct genetic strains going around here. Especially when you consider how many hotties are sporting tight t-shirts with the names of ’60s acts. That was sure a common thing on the Lollapalooza grounds back in the ’90s.

But it’s great that things have gotten more diverse. You’ll see sexy music fans sporting skimpy clothes, plus a few babes who thoughtfully took full-length selfies of their outfits before hitting the fest, plus even one body-painted babe. Furthermore, we have a few awesome after-party pics. It looks like Lollapalooza managed to match this summer’s beautiful babes of Bonnaroo, and even the lovely ladies of Coachella earlier this year. It’s a great mix of hot girls and quirky cuties, too. Take a look for yourself, and get inspired to book tickets for 2015…

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