Get Lost In Hot Birthday Pics Of Elven Evangeline Lilly [PHOTOS]


Evangeline Lilly is undeniably one of Canada’s finest exports, and we can’t wait to get down to celebrating her today on her 35th birthday. After tiny roles in two feature films, and a bunch of featured extra work on television series like Smallville, Evangeline became the it-girl of 2004 thanks to her role as Kate, the apex of one of the hottest love triangles in television history on the beloved science fiction series Lost.

Evangeline infused the character of Kate with enough pathos and sheer badassery to make her instantly iconic. Over the course of the show’s six seasons, she bounced back and forth between Jack and Sawyer, never feeling that either one could fully satisfy her, yet it was often overlooked how she was basically those two characters combined into one major league heroine for the ages.

Since then, Evangeline has never left the zeitgeist, appearing in a small but pivotal role in 2009’s Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker, as well as upping her badass quotient in the last two films in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. She’s every geek’s dream girl because she’s unattainably hot–yet manages to continue showing up in insanely geeky properties (like the upcoming Ant-Man), but she’s also so damn hot that any man would be a fool to not be obsessed with her. Now start geeking out over lots of ht pics…

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