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Jillian Murray Gives Us “Cabin Fever” This Weekend [37 PICS]


We know that this weekend is all about Guardians of the Galaxy at the multiplex. We’ve already taken a look at the 10 Things Guys Need To Know About Guardians of the Galaxy, after all, and we sure understand if you’re going to go gaga over Zoe Saldana. But we’ve already seen the movie, which is why we’re looking forward to hitting Times Square to see Cabin Fever: Patient Zero tonight–especially since the horror movie gives us the big-screen glory of a bikini babe like Jillian Murray. [photo via…]

The original Cabin Fever was a sleeper horror hit back in 2002, and launched the career of Eli Roth. The sequels have been pretty inconsistent–but we’re hearing good things about Cabin Fever: Patient Zero being an old-fashioned gorefest, with dopey teens getting stuck on an island with more victims of a certain flesh-rotting disease. We know that Jillian Murray is likely to end up a mess before the movie’s over, but we also know that she’s doing some hot sunbathing before her skin things fall apart.

Jillian’s own career is doing pretty great, though. We first saw her in an indie horror movie called The Graves, where we thought she looked like a young Denise Richards. That’s why it kind of made sense when we next saw her in Wild Things: Foursome, where she easily stole the latest in the Wild Things franchise.

We kept catching Jillian bringing quality performances in various indie movies, and also had to watch when she showed up on Fear Factor back in 2011. We doubt that Jillian went through anything worse than she ever had to endure on some of her sets. She still has to endure Hollywood being slow on picking up on her real gifts, but at least we get to see Jillian in a movie theater tonight. Check her out, and then you’ll be checking to see if Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is in limited release in your town, too…

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