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We Still Have Four XBox Ones That We’re Giving Away [ENTER]


We can’t think of a simpler way to give away four Xbox Ones than this really simple contest–unless you want us to stop by your house and just leave it at your door. We can’t really do that. We can, however, get together with Heavy, BloodSweatandCheers, and AskMen to give away four Xbox Ones to our lucky readers.

So now ll you need to do is click at this loink and enter your email address. That will get you automatically signed up for our newsletter (which is good) and also give you a chance to score a free Xbox (which is pretty damn great). So you’ll get to be caught up regularly on all kinds of cool guy stuff while also getting to enjoy a fine new addition to your home entertainment system, which is also cool guy stuff.  It’s like layers of cool guy stuff here, so join in the action right now…


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