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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, July 31st


It’s another thrilling Thursday here at COED–especially if you’re downhill skiing on the COED Instagram feed, where the landscape is curvy with gals like Jen Mateo. Which is kind of a mixed metaphor when you’re also enjoying the usual amount of stunning bikini babes, but you can probably understand how that happened.

Anyway, there are definitely some swimsuits on parade here, from terrific two-pieces (courtesy of Bryana Holly, Nicole Mejia, and more) to gals like Ashlyn Coray proving that a one-piece can still be a wonder. Meanwhile, we have Megan Retzlaff showing off that panties can be all the lingerie that a woman needs to wear, and you’re getting the finest in yoga pants from the likes of Cassie Amato and Alyssa Arce.

Blakie Elliott and Anna Kelly seem to have given up on clothes altogether, but that’s okay. It’s almost Casual Friday, anyway. Now check out all of the fine femmes who’ve worked up our Instagram account into a frenzy, and you’ll be flying into Friday before you know it…

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