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“Best Dancer On Internet” Joins 10 More Bad Festival Types [VIDEOS]


Best Dancer On The Internet

You can get away with a lot when you’re a reasonably cute gal. Consider this ditzy gal who got downright inspired during a recent outdoor music performance, and let the music take her to a really sad display of spastic dancing. Yes, she’s currently being adored as the new Best Dancer on the Internet–but we’re thinking that a lot of people are being kind of sarcastic on that front. Really, take a look..

The sad truth is that this gal (who, in her defense, might have a serious medical problem) is really joining the ranks of white-girl dancers that you don’t want to get stuck behind at a music festival. There are plenty of white guys like that, too. It’s more like a rainbow coalition of flailing morons. We’re reminded of several similar memorable folks over the past few years–and since there’s footage of their crimes, you can join us in looking back at some of the biggest dancing festival failures ever…

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