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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, July 30th


You know what’s really thoughtful on a Wednesday? To show up on our Instagram feed while bringing along a friend–which is exactly what happened with the very thoughtful Melanie Ribbe, so good for her. Also good for us, although we have even more beautiful babes who’ve also livened up the middle of the week with some hot pics that are far from middling.

If you’re needing more babes in bikinis to get you motivated, then meet our own close personal friends like Devin Brugman and Chelsea Pereira. You’ll also appreciate the exciting new angle that Megan Bernard brings to bikini modeling. We’re not sure if Sara Choe is modeling a bikini or lingerie, but she’s sure making waves.

Tugba Ercan is showing off her physically fit form in a bikini at the gym, and we think that should start a fashion trend. Meanwhile, ladies like Danielle Knudson make a great case for the one-piece. We’d add Paige Marie to that, but we’re not sure if that’s lingerie. We must study these picture with greater concentration–and we predict that you’ll soon be doing the same.

And, no, that’s not a COED editor in the background of Megan Kennedy Cameron’s pic. It’s a real tribute to Megan that we still had to include the shot in today’s collection, though….

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