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The Sexiest Girls of Syfy Original Movies [PHOTOS]


Sexiest Girls of Syfy Original Movies-2

It’s another big night for the Syfy Channel, as the network gets set to air Sharknado 2: The Other One–which required a sequel after the original Sharknado took off last summer. It’s hard to figure out Sharknado‘s success, though. The idea of a tornado flying sharks around wasn’t any weirder than other Syfy movies like, say, the land-loving man-eaters of Sand Sharks.

Anyway, a lot of guys were already addicted to Syfy Original Movies. That’s partly because bad movies are fun. It’s also because Syfy Original Movies feature lots of sexy actresses.

We’ve already ogled Tiffany Shepis as part of Sharknado 2. Now here are plenty of other favorites, , and you’ll get some surprises. Before she was one of the girls of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke paid her dues battling dinosaurs in the Syfy universe. The ravishing Rachael Taylor made a stop by the Syfy network while making her transition from modeling, and you’ll find Estella Warren showing up in one of the network’s classier offerings.

And don’t forget Michelle Borth, who had less fun in warmer climes before making it onto Hawaii Five-0. Also, don’t forget that it can be difficult to figure out what makes for an authentic Syfy Original Movie. Some of them are started for the network, and others are bought into the Syfy schedule.

Even the network’s official site has blurred the lines–but there’s always plenty of quality when it comes to casting beautiful babes. Just check out these fine figures of fantasy. Click on the photo or gallery button to get a full array of action…..

Carly Pope: Yeti

Tara Reid: Sharknado

Estella Warren: Beauty and the Beast

Mya: Bermuda Tentacles

Danica McKellar: Tasmanian Devils

Taryn Manning: Zombie Apocalypse

Daryl Hannah: Zombie Night

Anne McDaniels: Poseidon Rex

Charisma Carpenter: House of Bones

Kaitlyn Leeb: Grave Halloween

Gina Holden: The Philadelphia Experiment

Melissa Cordero: Snakehead Swamp

Mircea Monroe: Pterodactyl

Emilia Clarke: Triassic Attack

Rachael Taylor: Man-Thing

Summer Glau: Mammoth

Sarah Oliver: Big Ass Spider

Crystal Lowe: Yeti

Yancy Butler: Shark Week

Lesley-Ann Brandt: Zombie Apocalypse

Dominika Juillet: Stonados/Seattle Superstorm/Dragon Wasps

Emmanuelle Vaugier: Killer Mountain

Cassie Scerbo: Sharknado/Beast of the Bering Sea

Michelle Borth: Komodo vs. Cobra

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