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New “Interstellar” Trailer Comes Complete With A Damn Wormhole [VIDEO]



Matthew McConaughey is going to outer space in Christopher Nolan’s newest bit of Oscar bait called Interstellar

The Oscar winning actor who picked up his first Best Actor win for Dallas Buyers’ Club plays a farmer living on a desolate and decaying Earth who is chosen to join a spaceship crew tasked with traveling beyond our Solar System to find another inhabitable planet to live on before the Earth becomes another useless hunk of floating rock. Astrophysicists discover a wormhole that will send them billions of miles away to find the new planet and hopefully bring them safely back to Earth so they transport other Earthlings to their new home.

The movie also stars Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain as two of McConaughey’s crew members because the only thing cooler than getting to travel farther into space than man as ever dreamt, it’s the possibility of getting to go with two hotties like Hathaway and Chastain and being stranded in a spaceship in the middle of nowhere with them. Check out the trailer below in the embedded video…

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Did you see that damn wormhole at the end? Let’s stare at that for a while…

We know that movies like this are made solely to win Oscars, but the fact that Christopher Nolan made it makes it a little more special. Nolan is the director behind such insanely good movies as The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception that can reach across the boundary between two rival movie factions: the movie snob and the movie lover. The fact that Nolan is working on a sci-fi movie sounds like a perfect bit of mindf*$&ery that can’t even be imagined until you see it.

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