Matt Stafford and WAG Kelly Hall Cut Up For Dish TV [VIDEO]


Matthew Stafford DISH Commercial Video Kelly Hall

Matthew Stafford plays at being a doctor in this new commercial for the DISH Network, but he’s really the quarterback for the Detroit Lions–and only the fourth NFL quarterback to ever throw over 5,000 yards in a single season. More importantly, his fiancee is the smoking hot Kelly Hall, who didn’t let having a rich guy in her life keep her from finishing up nursing school. Even more importantly, there’s now a really sexy nurse ready to go to work in Detroit, so we feel a lot better about going there and getting shot some day.

Anyway, this new DISH Network commercial promotes their football packages through some high concept about how you wouldn’t ant Matthew Stafford to be your doctor–but it also includes Kelly Hall showing off how great she looks in scrubs. We’re also thinking that Kelly is way more natural than Matthew in front of the camera. Somebody in Hollywood should take notice, too. For now, though, let’s all take notice of Kelly and her boyfriend in this fun spot…

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