Jaime Pressly: 47 Sizzling Pics For Her 37th Birthday [PHOTOS]


It’s kind of hard to believe that we’re celebrating Jaime Pressly turning 37 years old as a mainstream television star. In fact, Jaime Pressly is mainstream enough to be starring in a sitcom on TV Land, which is the cable network for people who prefer television that’s reliably bland. Jaime Pressly, however, first shot into stardom as a gal who seemed more like a real cult item.

That journey began way back in 1997, when Jaime Pressly made her proper acting debut in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. She had been a teen model, and the North Carolina native still had her Southern accent despite having grown up as a California girl. Jaime put that to good use in the direct-to-video sequel to the sexy 1992 original that starred Drew Barrymore. Jaime matched bad-girl Drew with plenty of sex scenes with older guys and some lite lesbianism. Then she followed that up with the lesser-seen The Journey: Absolution, which had lots more of Jaime baring her bod.

Jaime made it to the multiplexes in a big-screen movie called Ringmaster, which was based on The Jerry Spring Show. That had Jaime doing some really daring scenes as a white-trash gal. The movie bombed, but Hollywood began to realize that Jaime wasn’t just a daring young actress. She also had genuine comic talents. That allowed her to start the new century on the big screen again, where she easily stole scenes in the comedy bomb Tomcats. That still set her up to play trailer-dweller Joy in My Name is Earl–which is the role that won Jaime an Emmy in 2007.

It’s a little frustrating to see Jaime doing a sitcom like TV Land’s Jennifer Falls nowadays. She’s certainly done better than most people would’ve expected from the star of Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, though. We’d just prefer to see her in something as smart as Jaime Pressly is in real life. But at least we have Jaime still being a real beauty, and these hot birthday pics offer up a lot more than ’90s nostalgia…

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