College Girl Vs. Doggie Door [40 PHOTOS]

Let’s all take a moment to give some sympathy to Sara Soto–who didn’t do anything worse than get naked before crawling through a doggie door and then going to sleep in a total stranger’s bathtub. Is that supposed to be some kind of crime? Well, as it turns out, there is some kind of law against it in Texas. We still don’t think a stranger should’ve called the cops and gotten Sara arrested back in 2012.

Anyway, Sara has now told her story to MTV, and it turns out that she has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of that. She had just found out that she was adopted and she only took off her clothes to prove that she wasn’t going to steal anything, because people who don’t have pockets can’t steal. Also, Sara is only 4’11”, and it’s not like she had to put a lot of thought into crawling through a doggie door.

We’d also like to note that Sara isn’t alone in this kind of thing. You’ll see for yourself with this gallery of drunk college girls who are also willing to take the doggie door to get into a house–and, yes, into our hearts. We doubt that Sara has much of a college career going. She’s more into being an aspiring rapper.

Besides, now she’s claiming that she didn’t even go through the doggie door. Sara says that she just reached through that to unlock the door. In that spirit, we’d like to salute the ladies who went the extra mile (or few inches) to do the job right. Check them out and see why they’re welcome to crawl into our place anytime…

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