Does Kimberley Garner Have The Nicest Butt In Britain? [PHOTOS]

British socialite-turned-bikini designer Kimberley Garner and her butt have been the subject of much discussion here in the COED offices (don’t judge). After much debate, we’ve come to the conclusion that in our professional opinion Kimberley has the nicest booty in all of Britain. [lead photo credit: Twitter / @KimberleyLondon]

She was #13 on our overall list.

Other notable butts include Kelly Brook, Jessica-Jane Clement, and Stacey Poole, but we believe that Kimberley spanks the competition.

Don’t agree? Just look at these “candid” photos taken of Kimberley while she’s vacationing on the beach in St. Tropez.

Do we think that these were probably paidfor by Kimberley to promote her swimwear company? Yes–that’s just the name of the PR game today. But the real thing of value on display here is that tight white booty.

Update: Kimberley doesn’t just want you peeking at her butt.

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