The Clevelander Brings Body Paint Babes to Miami Baseball [42 PHOTOS]

Clevelander Bodypaint

There were a lot of good reasons to celebrate the 118th  anniversary of Miami becoming an actual city yesterday–and that includes lots of professional sports teams, which includes the Miami Marlins, which includes the bar known as The Clevelander at Marlins Park, where sexy gals sports Miami Marlins body paint as one of the city’s proudest traditions.

“But,” you say, “that is the kind of thing that is too good to be true, and is therefor something I have to see for myself.” Well, we have that covered with these amazing pics of built babes flying the best kind of colors. Specifically, the colors of the Miami Marlins, as painted on their bods in hot shots that are still SFW. You’ll find plenty of hot babes who’ve been turned into artistic masterpieces right here–although we’ve also added a few traditional Miami maidens who are able to look perfectly sexy while still wearing clothes of some type.

At least, we’re pretty sure those are clothes. We better stare really closely to be sure–and you’ll be doing the same as you check out these photos that’ll turn you into a massive Marlins fan….

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