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Margarita Kallas on “NCIS” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Margarita Kallas on NCIS

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

It’s another vital rerun for the See Her Tonight staffers, as a humble episode of NCIS gives us a vital second look at a starlet on the rise. We don’t get many chances to moon over Margarita Kallas, too, so we’re tuning in tonight for some international intrigue made even hotter by the presence of this underseen actress. [photo via…]

We first started marveling over Margarita Kallas when she showed up in the offbeat Charlie Sheen comedy A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. The movie deserved to be Charlie’s comeback, and we wouldn’t have minded it launching the career of Margarita, either. Instead, we had to settle for catching her on an episode of New Girl, where we got the double thrill of seeing her playing a model alongside Cynthia Murell.

It’s no surprise that Margarita’s a model in real life, of course. We’re sure grateful to have some pics around while we wait for her next big appearance in our living rooms–and now it’s time to get briefed on a hot babe who’ll get you tuning in tonight….

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