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Jessica Lowndes Got Hot At The Gym Today [VIDEO + GIFS]


Jessica Lowndes Sexy Instagram Gym Video

Jessica Lowndes doesn’t like to let too much time go by before she hits Instagram to remind her fans that she’s…well, Jessica Lowndes. That’s okay with us. We’re still baffled that she’s still best know for that 90210 reboot instead of, say, a crazy little horror movie called The Devil’s Carnival. We haven’t seen her around for a while, too–although we sure checked her out in that episode of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry that was titled “Young & Lesbian.”

That’s how we discovered Emily Osment had gotten hot. We knew about Jessica Lowndes, though–even if today’s video from the gym is news to some guys…

Furthermore, some guys might not realize that Jessica Lowndes is careful about having a balanced workout, which is why we also got this video today…

So good for Jessica–who also has a movie coming up with Bruce Willis and John Cusack called The Prince. We’re hoping that doesn’t end up debuting at the local Redbox. Tara Holt is in the cast, too, and we’d like to see both of those bods on the big screen. And if you need to see more of Jessica Lowndes on the move right now, then enjoy these 33 thrilling GIFs that’ll give your eyeballs a real workout…

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