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Domino’s Pizza Customer Orders Pie Covered with Mold


dominos mold

Domino’s has been undergoing a company wide revamping campaign to improve the image of their pizza and this won’t help. A customer ordered a pizza covered in mold.

Matt Hewett of Surrey, England ordered a pie from a Dominos in Tolworth to split with his kid and when it arrived, he discovered the entire pie was coated with icky, green mold. He and his son came very close to eating it because it was on the bottom of the pizza where they couldn’t see it when they first opened the pizza box. Thankfully, he noticed some mysterious “green specks” on the crust before he actually took a bite of it. He flipped the pie over and made his horrific discovery. Naturally, he called the store where he ordered the pizza and gave them a little talking-to over the phone. The story didn’t say what the store offered to him to make up for the fact that they almost made the man and his son eat a living bacteria farm but considering how much of it is on the pie, we at least hope they didn’t charge it to him as an extra topping.

A spokesperson for the company said they are looking into the matter and investigating the store and its workers to figure out how and why they sold a customer such a moldy pie. However, this is definitely going to hurt Domino’s comeback along with their recent accidental overcharging of a customer. They could have left a giant rat on the pizza and it still wouldn’t have been as bad as the mold incident because at least a rat is a “fresh ingredient.”

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