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“Batman Vs. Superman” Teaser Trailer: Lawyer-Proof Recreation [VIDEO]


Batman Vs. Superman Teaser Fake Video

There’s no bigger blight on Youtube than the assorted fanboys who put up misleading videos promising bootleg footage, but then you just get video of their fat faces yammering into the camera about how much they enjoyed the bootleg video that they aren’t showing at the link. That’s even one step below the spammers.

Fortunately,┬áthere’s a solution for the Batman vs. Superman teaser footage that aired at the San Diego Comic Con. The lawyers are busy getting Youtube to yank the video that was recorded from the audience. One smart Youtube channel has responded with an animated recreation. This isn’t some dumb joke made out of Legos, either. It’s a serious attempt to show what Warners showed select fans over the weekend. Take a look, and get an idea of how cool it’s going to be when we finally do get to see the real thing…

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