The USC Song Girls Had Their Annual Dip In The Lake [PICS]

This past weekend was the 30th Annual USC┬áSCend Off at Round Hill Pines in Nevada’s Zephyr Coves–where the Northern Nevada-Lake Tahoe USC Alumni Club hosts a regular event for residents about to start attending the University of Southern California. That includes performances by the USC spirit squads, including the USC Song Girls.

And we’re happy to see that the Song Girls kept up their own annual tradition of jumping into the local lake. In fact, all of the USC students–new and old–end up jumping into the lake. Sadly, this isn’t some kind of wet t-shirt competition. As you can see, things stay kind of chaste, although we can’t help but notice that the Song Girls sure can fill out some sweaters.

Anyway, college traditions are very important. Especially when it comes to rash things like jumping into a lake while wearing clothes, so we’re sure respecting the USC Song Girls for keeping it real–especially since their outfits are much nicer than what some other soaked USC students were wearing. Check out the pic and join us in enjoying some USC school spirit….

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