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Ran Wei on “Murder in the First” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Ran Wei on Murder in the First

(10:00 PM EST, TNT)

The criminal-law experts here at See Her Tonight want to say that the biggest crime committed on TNT’s Murder in the First is taking a talent like Ran Wei and continuing to stick her in the background during this series. She keeps showing up, though, and now we’re wondering if Ran Wei won’t end up being a pivotal part of the plotting. Probably not, but you can’t blame us for hoping that somebody at TNT came to their senses while making the show. [photo via…]

To be fair, Murder in the First has also given us the tantalizing Tina Casciani, and it’s still nice to have Ran Wei in our living rooms tonight. She’s mostly been getting exposure as a hot model in print ads and the occasional television spot. She’s certainly become one of the busiest models out of San Francisco over the past year. We’re especially grateful that Ran works out of that city, since it set her up to become one of the few hot babes featured in the gay-themed HBO series Looking. That’s when we first noticed Ran, courtesy of her popping up as a leather fetishist–and we’re not just saying that to prove our heterosexual bonafides, either.

It looks like Ran’s offbeat beauty is paying off, too. We’re not surprised that Tim Burton cast her in his upcoming Big Eyes. It’s a small role, and the same can be said for her upcoming turn with Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas, but we’re still pretty sure that Ran Wei is heading on to bigger things. We’ll keep following via her official site, and these pics should be sure to get you tuning in to Ran tonight….

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