Hooters Girls Bust Out on Instagram for National Chicken Wing Day [PHOTOS]

It’s been a great summer for the ladies of Hooters, with the restaurant chain once again hosting an amazing Miss Hooters competition–with winner Janet Layug chosen from among 100 hot Hooters contestants. We don’t think that we could’ve narrowed it down like that. And now we’re heading into an official Hooters holiday as the nation gets ready to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day.
Hooters will be celebrating, too. You might think the restaurant chain would be a bigger draw on Breasts Day, but participating Hooters restaurants will be offering a $12.99 all-you-can-eat wing deal tomorrow–and they even have a site to encourage some competitive eating. So there’s a great reason to drop by Hooters. Because, you know, the place serves food.
Furthermore, the fine Hooters empire also serves up hot Hooters waitress–and there’s a reason that these ladies compete to be Miss Hooters. There’s a lot of prestige that comes with representing Hooters. And we’re very happy to keep track of how the girls keep showing off their corporate pride by continually posting Instagram pics of intimate moments from their private accounts. So get warmed up for National Chicken Wing Day by seeing how these gals wing it with their Instagram exposure…

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