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Analeigh Tipton Shows Up In “Lucy” As The Other Heavenly Body [PICS]


It was a stellar weekend for the cosmic action movie Lucy, with Scarlett Johansson establishing herself as a movie star in the weird mix of comic-book movie and college anthropology lecture. Among other things, Lucy helped balance Under The Skin, where Scarlett barely broke out of the indie arthouses while getting totally naked. Scarlett keeps her clothes on in Lucy, but the box-office hit does provide a real bonus babe in Ashleigh Tipton.

It’s a typically weird career move for Analeigh, who started out as a kiddie star in the world of competitive skating. Then she moved on to reality television with a (nearly) winning turn on the 2008 season of America’s Next Top Model. That was the same year that she showed up on The Big Bang Theory in a turn as a hot babe named Analeigh. Then we saw her in The Green Hornet as “Ana Lee.” Fortunately, Analeigh finally began to show some real range with supporting roles in Warm Bodies (supporting Teresa Palmer) and Crazy, Stupid, Love., along with a stint on the HBO series Hung.

We don’t see nearly enough of Analeigh as Lucy’s wild roommate Caroline, but it’s enough to remind us that she can fill up the big screen just fine–and even with Scarlett Johansson sharing the space. Analeigh has a few lead roles coming up in indie films, and also seems set for a starring role in a new ABC series, so Lucy is exactly the kind of exposure that she needs right now. We still suggest enjoying her exposure right now…

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